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Cymraeg / Welsh

St Davids Day Home School task 2024

Welsh history books.

Why not read some of these with your child to find out more about the history of Wales.


Have a look at these Welsh audio books.

A super resource to use with your children!

Have a go on DUOLINGO!

A website / APP to help develop your welsh language!

Have you ever wondered what Welsh your children are learning in school?

Then come along to find out in a Coffi a Chacen

(coffee and cake) session in school on 


Mrs Powell will give a quick tour of Welsh at Glan Yr Afon!


Have a look through this document. It contains lots of useful words and phrases that your children use in school every day. Why not learn together at home?

Welsh For Parents

Have a go at learning the welsh alphabet!!


The Welsh alphabet letters are:

a,    b,    c,    ch,    d,    dd,     e,     f,     ff,     g,     ng,    h,      i,      l,     ll,     m, 

 n,      o,    p,     ph,      r,      rh,      s,     t,      th,     u,     w,      y

Cân Yr Wyddor 🍎 | The Welsh Alphabet Song

Dyma'r wyddor yn Gymraeg! Am fwy o hwyl dewch i Here's the Welsh alphabet! For more Welsh games, shows and songs, visit

Have fun with some Welsh Rhymes with these Pori Drwy Stori resources.



Dydd Gwyl Dewi / St David's Day 2023

Why not support the Wales Football team in The World cup (Cwpan o Byd) by learning 'Yma O Hyd' and singing along!

Yma o Hyd - Dafydd Iwan | Dafydd Iwan sings Yma o Hyd with lyrics and English translation | S4C

Dafydd Iwan a fersiwn newydd o Yma o Hyd i gefnogi tîm pêl-droed Cymru yn eu hymgyrch i gyrraedd Cwpan y Byd. Dafydd Iwan sings a brand new version of Yma o Hyd to support Wales' national football team in their campaign to reach the World Cup.

Seren a Sbarc

Seren a Sbarc are our 2 Welsh Characters! Here is their song!

Seren a sbarcs song!

Our Criw Iaith are currently working hard to gather all our evidence for our Bronze award for the Cymraeg Campus.

We will keep you updated with our progress!

Find below a copy of the Sentence patterns we use across the school for Welsh. Each sentence comes with a sound file so you can hear how the sentence is pronounced. 

Diwrnod Shwmae!!


On Friday the 15th of October it is Diwrnod Shwmae (Shwmae day).

This is a national celebration and the aim is simple - to start every conversation with 'Shwmae' (Hi there!)

It will be recognised across wales and is a time to come together to celebrate and promote the Welsh language. We are asking children to come to school in the Welsh colours (red, green, white) or in a Welsh rugby / football top. 

Each class will be taking part in activities throughout the day.


Diolch yn fawr. 

Mrs Powell, Mrs Townley and our new Criw Iaith (Language crew)

This is our Federation Welsh Prayer.


Helpa ni i fod yn garedig,

(Help us to be kind)

Helpa ni i fod yn ffrind da,

(Help us to be a good friend)

Helpa ni i fod ein gorau.

(Help us to be our best)


Diolch am fy nheulu,

(Thank you for my family)

Diolch am ein cadw’n ddiogel

(Thank you for keeping me safe)

Diolch am Ysgol Glan Yr Afon

(Thank you for my school Glan Yr Afon)