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Glan-yr-AfonPrimary School

Working together to achieve

Who's Who


School Staff (2020 - 2021)

Executive Headteacher - Mrs Rhian Lundrigan

Head of School - Mr Graham Matthews

Teaching Staff

  Nursery - Miss A Morelli 


Reception/Year 1 - Mrs. H Williams and Miss D Miller


Year 1/Year 2 - Mrs J Townley


Year 3/Year 4 - Mr. D Williams


Year 4/Year 5 - Mrs J Powell and Miss V Pearcey


Year 5/Year 6 - Miss S Thompson 



Support Staff


Mrs S Nazemi

Mrs L Hubbard

Mrs S Bryant
Mrs L Oaten 

Mrs L Holley

Miss K Jones

Mrs L Neale

Mrs J Randall

Administrative Staff:

Ms G Mountstephens

Mrs K Davies

Other non-teaching Staff:

Mr L Barrow Estates Manager
Mrs A Dudley Head Cook

Midday Supervisors

Ms T Lewis
Mrs C Selwood

Breakfast Supervisors

Ms T Lewis (Co-ordinator)
Mrs C Selwood
Mrs M Alsopp