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Storey Arms

Adventures at the Storey Arms Outdoor Centre
Picture 1 This season's fashionable cave-wear
Picture 2 Which one is Tiger Lily
Picture 3 A bigger splash
Picture 4 A canoe full of trouble
Picture 5 Ancient Mayan ruins In Powys Who'd have thought it
Picture 6 Come on in, the water's lovely!
Picture 7 Deep in the Jungles of South Wales
Picture 8 Emerging from the underworld
Picture 9 Ha! We don't even need a canoe!
Picture 10 I could get a job here
Picture 11 Intrepid adventurers
Picture 12 More intrepid adventurers
Picture 13 Out of the way, these rocks are killing my knees!
Picture 14 Ready for anything
Picture 15 Ready to explore the bowels of the Earth
Picture 16 Ten different ways to wear a safety helmet
Picture 17 This is fun!