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General Admissions





♦ To give children and parents as much information as possible about Glan-yr-Afon and the education we provide.
♦ To make each child’s start happy and successful.
♦ To begin a lasting partnership with parents.

Children are admitted in each year group to a maximum of 60.

Parents are asked to telephone to make an appointment to see the Head Teacher or in his absence the Deputy Head in order to discuss their child’s admission to the school, and to look round (with or without their child) before the child is admitted. No child is admitted until personal contact has been made.

Parents with a child already at a school in the area are asked to discuss the possible transfer with the Head Teacher of that school. We do not recommend parents should remove their children from a local school without good reason.

A copy of the School Prospectus is given to parents, who are asked to complete a Personal Information Sheet for their child before admission.

Once the child has been admitted, parents are asked to keep in close contact with the class teacher, to ensure that their child’s transition to Glan-yr-Afon goes smoothly.

As soon as the child starts school, the School Clerk requests records from the previous school, including the Unique Pupil Number and National Transfer Form.

On entry, the Special Needs team will assess the child’s numeracy, reading and writing, to gauge the levels at which the child is working and to diagnose whether extra support or reference to the SENCO is necessary.