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Dosbarth Mrs Williams

Welcome to Dosbarth Castell Caerfilli Class Page.


Our first theme for Autumn Term will be 


 Who am I and where do I come from?


We will be learning about ourselves, our families and where we live!smiley We will be looking at the area that we live in.  The children have decided that they want to find out about their family trees and looking at how far they live from the school and who lives in our street.




We will also be looking at ways to develop our wellbeing by looking at mindfulness and relaxation


BY the end of this half term we hope to all be on our way to being ambitious, capable learners!


Our PE days are Monday and  Thursday. Your child will need a t shirt and shorts in a bag labelled with their name on both of these days. Please help the children to develop their independent skills by getting them to try and dress and undress themselves and to put on their own socks and shoes. Thank you.