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Dosbarth Castell Glas (Y3/4) - Mr Williams

Hello everyone and welcome to the Dosbarth Castell Glas page!

Class Teacher

Mr Williams

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Randall


Start and Finish times

Begins - 8:40 am

Finishes - 2:40 pm


Which entrance do I use?

Parents and guardians will pick up and drop off their children through the main school gate. Children will come through the main doors to their classroom.


What about food and drink?

Children will need to bring their own packed lunch, snack and a clearly labelled water bottle.



PE for our class is on a Thursday. We ask that on this day the children wear their PE kit to school. The children will then remain in this for the rest of the day.



If you would like to know a bit more about what the children are learning, have a look at the 'World of Water PDF' at the bottom of the page for an insight into what is happening in the classroom. 



Reading at home with your child is absolutely vital. Just 5-10 minutes a day can make a world of difference. We will be using Collins eBooks which is a website which allows the teachers to share books for the children to read at home. If you are having trouble logging in, get in touch with the school or Mr Williams (during term time). We will also be reading with each child in the class, at least once a week.



After Easter, children will have a piece of homework set each week to help with their learning. The piece of homework can be found on our Google Classroom page, 'Dosbarth Castell Glas'. If you are struggling logging in and finding homework, get in touch with Mr Williams (during term time). Homework will be set each Friday to be done over the weekend and handed in by Tuesday of the following week.


How do I get in contact if I need anything?

If you need to speak to Mr Williams regarding your child, call the school number at the end of the school day and ask to speak to him. For other issues, call the school number and they will help you with your query. If the question is to do with school work, then you may post your query on the class' Google Classroom page 'Dosbarth Castell Glas'. 


Return Date

We return to school after the Easter holidays on Tuesday 13th March 2021.